I am in constant company of books and chocolates.

A bookworm ever since I can read.

Thus, the blurry vision.

I’m better off painting with words.

And phrases.

And sentences.

Using BIG words is not really my forte.

I’d rather stick to the widely used ones.

So everyone can understand.

While reading, I love testing the words on my tongue.

Feeling the rise and fall of my breath with every syllable.

I adore rainy days.

Because rain brings people together.

May it be under an umbrella.

Or a tree.

Or a piece of garment.

I love sniffing the pages of the books I read.

I live in Westeros.

Or so I think.

Longfellow is my hero.

Jason Mraz is my therapist.

Work Drugs are my party buddies.

My fear rests on dogs, frogs, flames and emptiness.

I live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Of chips, soda and sweets.

I hate whiny people.

Although I can not help but whine myself.

Music streams endlessly into my ears.

The smell of old books, in my opinion, is aromatic.

I love sniffing  the pages of  old books and magazines.

I adore crusty pages.

I am confident.

But not always.

I am a frustrated programmer.

Whose programs are either too short or too wrong.

A student of a magnificent university.

I am ambitious.

But shy.

Writing is my escape.

I’ve been trying to write countless novels since I was 12.

But I’m still young and do not have the patience to finish one.

So instead I write poems.

And short stories that seem far too short.

I love dusks and dawns.

Same way that I love, moonrises and moonsets.

I am an evening person.

My name is armie.

A name taken from my father’s.

I love the ocean although I can’t swim.

I love cooking but never have I cooked a complicated meal in my entire life.

Except pancakes and toasted bread but they don’t count

Fire is my fear.

My mother and my brother are my treasures.

I loathe routine.

I love humanity.

And the earth.

I grew up in a town of flowers and hills.

And was thrown into an almost secluded village of endless gossip.

I gratify everything that is to be gratified.

No man should be in chains.

May it be metaphorically.

or literally.

We are all invited to live as fully as we can.

I sing.

I cry.

I whine.

I talk shit.

I am who I am.

— o —


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