On wants and necessities

We don’t know what we want and we are often times unaware of what we need.

This is the truth they never tell us. In this world where everything happens in the snap of a finger, every moment recorded in pictures or words carefully arranged to suit up a story, we are all taught to work hard for things we believe we want and thrive for the necessities that we believe should have.

Life is a race they said. The faster you see the finish line, that strip of black and white in the horizon, the faster you reach happiness. Or so they say. But it’s not true at all. Life, in a sense, is an Easter egg hunt. You have to wander in the meadows, prick your fingers in rosebushes, kneel on muddy tracks. You have to bruise your knees on gravel paths, elbow other hunters’ ribs, cheat to claim your prize. Some ask for help, some are better off looking for their own coloured egg alone. Some never get to find theirs, some do. Some never bothered to join, some decided to leave early. Some find happiness just by being there, some find it cumbersome.

Life is an Easter egg hunt and no matter how brightly coloured the one you find or how intricate it’s design might be, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter all. That is the greatest truth we’ll never admit. But even that doesn’t matter.

Only we do.

We matter.



Screw the night
bottle up your insides.
another glass of velvety
wine won’t be any less
of a mistake to wear on
your waist.