The Intervention

Even after all the things that I had realized over the course of all my existential crises, I still find myself wondering about the great complexities of life -that are, in my opinion, not supposed to be there in the first place. If there is something that I had grasped from all my nightly ponderings, it would be that life had always been simple. The only things that make it rather more than complicated are ourselves and our heedless longings for things that we don’t need, things that will not bring happiness to our souls. There is no need to work every sweat for the future since how can we be so sure that we can even reach that future. We were not born to study, work, marry and die.

We were born to learn, live and be happy.

I suppose I have grown a bit in a spiritual sense. It had been a rough year and if I was told to illustrate how it was, I will say that it was painted with the color of faded blue jeans. That it was an endless passing of listless days, unexciting thoughts and dreams. That it was the best and worst year of my life: a year of disappointments and  enlightenment.

It was a wonderful year. And I am very proud that I made it through with all smiles.

I also know now the power and art of listening to your heart’s true longings for if I had not purchased that ukulele, I would not be the person writing this today. There is no real reason why I bought it. I simply bought it because I woke up and my heart yearned to hear the sound of a ukulele within my arms. And so after 2 weeks, I got myself one.

Earlier this year, I never stopped writing about how music has left me, how writing has left me and how art has left me.

Let this post be the testament of how music, writing and art beat within me again.

I watched this TedX video that continues to inspire me with each passing, breathing moment :

The Piano Man at TedX

Life is not complicated.

The assholes are.