The Excellent Ones.

“Always live a life of excellence”

He said with a faint smile on his mouth. He gazed at them ,all of them, -his students, his legacy- and with the words he had spoken, placed upon their shoulders his vision, his hope and everything else he believed them to be.

As to whether all of them were paying attention to his fruitful words, one cannot say.

In that semi-lit room, some were chatting, some listening, some daydreaming, some regretting and the rest might be doing whatever else they are preoccupied with.

It was Java programming class. A Saturday. In the AVR room of the Roque Ruano building. That numbingly cold room smelled of socks and paint and technology.  We were sleepy and brain-fuzzed -having a mind boggling quiz on Philippine Literature earlier that morning. Some of us stank of coffee, others the smokey smell of Lacson Ave, the rest newly pampered and perfumed.

There were those who believed they will succeed. And there were those doubted their capabilities. There were those who thought they were in the wrong path. And those who simply went with the flow. We are all different. One can easily figure us out in the logic that we use in our programs. The shortcuts we make. The complicated twists and turns. The copied. And the wrong logic.

“Always live a life of excellence”

“Do everything with excellence”

And then you will succeed. One must not  live with the Filipino saying: “Puwede na”. Be ambitious. Now what you are capable of. Know who you are. And you will succeed.

You will.

Success is within arm’s reach.

To a person who knows where it lies.

~ ~


Published by

cie miraflor

A Filipino at heart and a Thomasian in spirit. A vocalist. A bookworm. A chocoholic. A liar. A dreamer. A coffee addict. A writer of poetry and short stories. A pending Information Technologist. A frustrated programmer. Blinded with love for Batman.

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