I Am Who.

I am Who.

Who dares speak the tongue of the forgotten,

For forgotten, that, I am.

Who breathes in the color of the sunset sky,

To paint my life again,

Who dances with the wind and trees,

To a music that only I can hear,

Who sees none further than the clock and the book,

As was the curse of the Future.

I am How.

How I really wanted myself to be,

Seeing the beauty that is to be seen,

Still a child, in heart and spirit,

Whose power is with art,

Whose Love is within Loathing.


Published by

cie miraflor

A Filipino at heart and a Thomasian in spirit. A vocalist. A bookworm. A chocoholic. A liar. A dreamer. A coffee addict. A writer of poetry and short stories. A pending Information Technologist. A frustrated programmer. Blinded with love for Batman.

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