The Boundless.

The Boundless.

I wonder what it feels like to be boundless. To be free of the strong ribbons of society and its expectations. To just ride off into the distant wherever, not minding the dust clinging unto our hair. Feeling the wind blow hard on our faces, arms raised up high, lips stretched into smiles, hearts beating wildly, eyes closed. There will be no worry on our foreheads nor fear in our chest. We will not fear death, or hunger, or being penniless. We will only fear not being able to live out the life bestowed upon us.

I can do this.  I know.

It is easy to throw everything -or everyone- away in a snap. I have done this before. Countless times already. Too many wonderful friendships wasted just because I was scared. Turning your back to everything that you’ve known is easy but winning them all back again is a different matter.

It will be beautiful to be boundless. But do I really have the courage to throw them all off my shoulder and ride on towards something uncertain. Into the arms of cruel future with nothing but music and spirit. It will be enough for the courageous. Those who were blessed with steel hearts. Those who are unafraid of the unknown.

Those who are boundless.



Published by

cie miraflor

A Filipino at heart and a Thomasian in spirit. A vocalist. A bookworm. A chocoholic. A liar. A dreamer. A coffee addict. A writer of poetry and short stories. A pending Information Technologist. A frustrated programmer. Blinded with love for Batman.

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